Environmental – Always Frank
Working to provide a wholesome, healthy environment and protecting our natural resources.

Since joining your Town Council team in 2013 we have taken meaningful action:

  • The Town will protect environment and habitat health
  • Stakeholders Natural Resources Protections
  • Slower speed limits on Broadway to reduce animal losses
  • Increased Solar Energy production
  • Decreased public building and vehicle energy consumption
  • Improved storm water management
  • Electric Vehicle Charging stations
  • Support Teton Conservation District
  • Improved wastewater treatment deficiency
  • Best-practice sewer connections Airport-Munger Mountain
  • Focal species study
  • Flat Creek Improvement District
  • Alternative compressed natural gas fuel station
  • Water bottle filling stations
  • Support Recycling programs
  • Single-use plastic bag initiative
  • Electric Police and Public Works vehicles
  • Connected technology public building controls
  • Reduced lighting impacts for dark skies initiative
  • Downcast street lighting
  • LED lamps lower energy consumption
  • Snake River Management Plan
  • Greater Yellowstone Coalition
  • Land and support for Vertical Harvest
  • Dog Park pilot programs
  • May Park amenities
  • Public Art amenities
  • Support for Farmer’s Market
  • Support for Slow Food
  • Support for Hole Food Rescue
  • Broadway Slide Mitigation protects our entire community

Re-elect Don Frank to Jackson Town Council

Vote now through November 6, 2018