Public money must always purchase excellent service at a fair value. Follow the money, right?

Since joining your Town Council team in 2013 we have worked responsibly:

  • The Town will strive to maintain a high reliance on pay-as-you-go financing for its capital improvements.
  • Carefully managed $262 million Town of Jackson budgets
  • General Fund
  • Public Safety
  • Public Works
  • Heath, Welfare and Community Development
  • Culture and Recreation
  • Affordable Housing Fund
  • Park Exactions Fund
  • Employee Housing Fund
  • Animal Care Fund
  • Lodging Tax Fund
  • Start Bus System Fund
  • Capital Projects Fund
  • Water Fund
  • Sewer Fund
  • Insurance Fund
  • Information Technology Fund
  • Central Equipment Fund
  • Fleet Management Fund
  • Successfully mitigated Broadway Slide $11.4 million budget
  • Qualified and reviewed competitive bidding public works projects
  • Fulfill increased public services volume while improving service quality
  • Fulfill Social Services funding
  • Support St. John’s Hospital Senior Living Center expansion
  • Support Central Wyoming College Campus
  • Approve Capitol Infrastructure Projects
  • Maintain and improve Town of Jackson citizen service culture
  • Improved public buildings energy conservation best practices
  • Approved, repaired and expanded Recreation Center
  • Approved SPET ballots for citizens to decide

Re-elect Don Frank to Jackson Town Council

Vote now through November 6, 2018