My Goals – Always Frank



  • Keeping public lands public. Treating public and private lands, the resident creatures and habitats with respectful, caring conduct and an alert, active commitment to the preservation of our most precious resources.
  • Our expanding footprint in the backcountry can be reduced by choosing “less is more” and “leave no trace” voluntary choices.
  • Educating ourselves, our neighbors, children and guests to understand and model best environmental safeguard practices.

  • The tools we use, housing types and locations must be flexible and creative. Blending private land, capital, public participation, transparent financial partnerships and innovative delivery methods will help us succeed.
  • Work steadily toward 65% of workforce living in the valley.
  • Develop a rational set of incentives and equitable participation in creating secure, healthy housing.
  • Remain realistic, optimistic and persistent. Healthy communities can benefit by housing our valued friends and neighbors.

  • Optimize Start system bus routes to tailor capacity with needs.
  • Achieve “Hub and Spoke” transit centers in town, south of town and west of the Snake River. Foster private/public parking agreements.
  • Expand and refine our multi-modal pathways for recreation, commuting, exercise and social benefits.
  • Make varied choices available to all lifestyle schedules.

  • Prioritize and fund healthy physical, mental and social outcomes for all citizens.
  • Expand our capacity to reach, teach and heal those in our community who need a helping hand.
  • Be a community that protects the youngest and oldest, the strongest and the frailest, the rich and poor, those most like us and those we can learn new ideas from.

  • Budget accurately, track revenue and expenses and spend public money wisely
  • Exercise reasonable discipline by meeting real-world needs first and then exploring wants as we are able to fund them.
  • Plan ahead for secure, broad and essential community services using time and energy-efficient solutions to produce dependable, cost-effective outcomes.

Re-elect Don Frank to Jackson Town Council

Vote now through November 6, 2018