Transportation – Always Frank
Continually delivering alternatives that reduce traffic. Let’s walk our talk.

Since joining your Town Council team in 2013 we have expanded your choices:

  • The Town will supply transportation choices and reduce traffic
  • Start Bus Karns Meadow Facility
  • Start Bus ridership up 10% 2013-2017 to over one million riders
  • Start Bus running four hybrid vehicles diesel and electric
  • Don traveled to Washington D.C. with Town Manager Larry Pardee and secured $2,290,000 F.T.A Grant Award for START purchase of up to eight electric vehicles
  • Don traveled to Washington D.C. with Town Manager Larry Pardee to seek $23,500,000.00 Federal Build Grant for Start Facility Improvements
  • Expanded Multi-Modal Pathways

  • Realized Highway 22 pathway
  • Realized Snake River Bridge pathway
  • Realized South Park Loop to Melody pathway
  • Realized South Highway 89 pathway
  • Realized Pilot cycle track Snow King Drive
  • Realized Broadway pedestrian and cycle improvements
  • Realized Way-Finding signage
  • Realized Pathway shared roadway markings
  • E-Bike on TOJ pathways for commuter and family use and TOJ employee work-day commuting
  • Complete Streets improvements are ongoing
  • Safe Pedestrian Crossings
  • Support Age-Friendly Public facilities
  • Ride-To-Fly parking program
  • Town of Jackson Parking Study
  • Integrated Transportation Plan

Re-elect Don Frank to Jackson Town Council

Vote now through November 6, 2018